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Strictly Come Back Pain

It’s capable of hauling you around for years on end with no more than an occasional grumble after slumping too long in front of “Strictly.”

Being the custodian of your spinal cord is a heady job.

Would you want to protect the nervous system as it leaves the brain to connect with the rest of the body?

It’s no mean feat when you consider the spine is made up of 22 articulating vertebrae with spinal nerves exiting out of holes on the side at each level. These connect your brain with all parts of your body although judging

Spine Pic

So a wobbly pile of bony articulating blocks somehow manages to do its job for years upon end with barely a grumble. It begs the question how on earth do we ever get beyond the first year of life without complete spinal meltdown?

The aircraft makers Boeing and Airbus would be chuffed to bits if they managed the same incredible levels of reliability as the spine. They have scheduled servicing and parts that get replaced after a certain number of hours regardless (sometimes sooner if it’ a Boeing).

So next time you’re out on the dance floor strutting a paso doble or cobbling together a slightly shoddy rumba, think of your spine.

Think about what a fabulous job it does and how we so often take our wonderful bodies for granted.

If your back has been niggling more than normal, pop it into see us at Guildford Chiropractic Centre for a service (no replacements possible).

Get a tune up and get those problems resolved before they escalate. So that next time you go out on to the dance floor to “bust some moves” as my kids call it, your body is better prepared.

Throw on some sequins, get out there dance like a hairy biker and, at the very least you’ll be having fun and that’s got to be good for you.


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