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Opening Hours

Monday: 8.30am - 8.00pm

Tuesday: 8.30am - 6.00pm

Wednesday: 8.30am - 6.00pm

Thursday: 8.30am - 8.00pm

Friday: 8.30am - 6.00pm

Saturday: 8.00am -12.30pm

Sunday: Closed

We aim to give patients appointments with their chosen practitioner within 24 hours of contacting our Practice. However, this is not always possible but our policy is that no-one should have to wait more than 3 working days before seeing a practitioner.

In the event of a practitioner being absent or on holiday, patients are offered the possibility of an appointment with an alternative practitioner.

FEES (Effective 10th January 2022)


INITIAL CONSULTATION:                                                                             £68.00*
REASSESSMENT (not seen in 2-years)                                                            £57.00
REGULAR APPOINTMENT:                                                                            £44.00

ORTHOTIC PRESCRIPTION AND FITTING:                                                      £99.00


6 TREATMENTS     (5% SAVING £13.20**):                                                   £250.80
12 TREATMENTS  (10% SAVING £52.80**):                                                  £475.20


(Including Sports and Pregnancy Massage)

INITIAL ASSESSMENT:                                                                                  £62.00*
60 MINUTE APPOINTMENT:                                                                         £62.00
40 MINUTE APPOINTMENT:                                                                         £44.00


6 x 60 MINUTES   (5% SAVING £18.60**)                                                    £353.40

12 x 60 MINUTES (10% SAVING £74.40**)                                                  £669.60
6 x 40 MINUTES   (5% SAVING £13.20**)                                                    £250.80

12 x 40 MINUTES (10% SAVING £52.80**)                                                  £475.20


INITIAL ASSESSMENT:                                                                                 £65.00*

60 MINUTE APPOINTMENT:                                                                        £65.00


6 SESSIONS   (5% SAVING £19.50**):                                                        £370.50
12 SESSIONS  (10% SAVING £78.00**):                                                     £702.00




By booking an appointment, you agree to our 24 hour cancellation policy. Failure to provide 24 hours notice to move or cancel an appointment will incur a late cancellation fee of up to the full cost of the appointment.


To secure the booking of initial consultations, the practice requires a deposit of £35, which will be deducted from your bill. If you give the clinic at least 24-hours' notice to cancel your appointment, you will be entitled to a full refund of your deposit. Failure to cancel or reschedule within that time frame, may result in you losing your deposit. You will lose your deposit if you do not attend your appointment. The practice is very busy and missed appointments deny others access to our care. Deposits are not required for regular follow up treatment visits. 

**Block Booking Terms and Conditions 2020:

  • Treatments cannot be added retrospectively to the block.

  • Refunds can be requested at any time for unused treatments. If a refund is required for part of the block then the discount for the sessions already taken will be lost. The refund will be issued for the remaining sessions minus the full fee for the sessions taken.

  • Treatment blocks are available for regular appointments only. Initial Consultations are allotted a longer appointment slot and so cannot be included in this offer.

  • All treatments must be booked and used within twelve months of initial payment. Treatments cannot be rolled over or refunded at the end of the twelve months.

  • Each block booking can only be used for the patient who initially paid for it. Treatments cannot be moved between patients or shared/gifted.

  • If you book a block of Chiropractic or Physiotherapy Treatments, these can be used with any of the Chiropractors or Physiotherapists at the clinic but cannot be used for a different therapy. The same is true if you have booked a block of Soft Tissue Therapy treatments.  These can be interchanged between soft tissue therapies but not used for Chiropractic or Physiotherapy.

  • In line with the clinic’s 24-hour cancellation policy, if 24-hours’ notice is not given to change or cancel an appointment, then a late cancellation fee will be charged.


Our services are covered by most health insurance policies, however we ask you to check with your provider should you wish to make a claim. The clinic has individual agreements in place with different insurance companies. We advise you to check with your insurance company to ensure that you are covered for treatment and that you do not need a referral letter from a General Practitioner prior to making a claim.

For patients who wish to claim through AXA-PPP or Bupa, we are able to bill your insurance provider directly. The clinic will only accept patients for this kind of coverage, once they have signed our terms and conditions. In the event the insurance company refuses to pay, the patient will be asked to settle the account in full with the clinic. In order for us to bill your insurance provider, we will ask you for the name of the policyholder, your membership or policy number and authorisation code. We will also need to know details of excess and treatment limitations prior to starting your course of treatment.

For all other eligible policies, you will be required to pay the clinic directly, where you will then be issued a receipt so you can claim your treatment costs directly from your insurer.

Please speak to a receptionist if you require any further clarification.

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