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Pot Holes Of Back Pain

Last week I was driving down one of our beautiful Surrey country roads. Lovely as they can be, they can be abundant with pot holes and rocks which really irritate the wheels of my car. Just as any luck would have it, I had a flat tyre by the time I reached home. Brilliant.

Pot Holes

Off I went to the mechanic to have my tyres changed.

As with most motoring costs, the bill is usually more than you’d expect.

After quoting me on a some new tyres (wasn’t just the punctured one that needed replacing) the mechanic asked me that for an extra £40 he could check my wheel alignment and adjust it, if necessary.

My initial thought was, have you not taken enough already?

This man was in luck however, because as a chiropractor, I totally appreciate the importance of good alignment.

You see without the wheel alignment being checked my car would have quite comfortably driven off without any worries, for now at least. The tyres would however wear out much faster had the wheels not been straightened. My car just wouldn’t work at it’s best.

The spine can behave a bit like this. A joint that doesn’t sit well within it’s socket maybe ok for now, or it may be just a little achey, but it won’t be able to work at it’s optimum. And just like the tyres, will wear out prematurely.

The pot holes that cause back pain in your life include:

  1. Poor Posture

  2. Poor sleep

  3. Stress

  4. Trauma

  5. Poor diet

  6. Lack of hydration

  7. Smoking

  8. Excessive alcohol

  9. Sports injuries

  10. Wear and tear

If you haven’t had your spine serviced or checked in a while, come and visit one of our Guildford Chiropractors.

We’ve been doing this for 60 years.


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