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Donald Trump and Pelvic Floor Muscles

Donald Trump Could Help You Get it….10 10 3

What do pelvic floor muscles have to do with Donald Trump?

If you are of a delicate disposition or easily upset, may I suggest that you walk out into the kitchen and make a cup of tea or close the webpage.

The reason for this is two-fold.

Firstly, I will be mentioning Donald Trump and secondly, I will be referring to pelvic floor muscles. The latter are by far the most important to the individual; we talk about them but do nothing about improving their function. Donald Trump on the other hand is talked about most, but has virtually no effect on us as individuals.

Your pelvic floor muscles as any chiropractor will tell you are the bedrock of all movement. They are or should be intrinsic to all our movement but how often do we hear about them as opposed to pecs or lats? Woefully little, especially as they should have kicked in before you initiate any action with the aforementioned muscles.

To get them to fire up (and I have to apologise here) imagine that you’re sitting next to the Queen and that Friday nights curry is trying to make a break for the border and must be kept in at all costs. Now the critical bit: squeeze your buttocks together and hold onto that wind (imaginary or otherwise) like your life depends on it.  Once in the clench count to ten and relax. Next do 10 pulsed short clenches like you would if you sneezed. After those, clench for 3 seconds and relax then clench again for 3 seconds but harder, finally clench for the last time as hard as you possibly can for three seconds. All you have to remember is 10 10 3.

Stick a reminder on the monitor at work or the fridge, how about next to the teabags so next time you make a cuppa, fire off a 10 10 3 or just a quick 10. It’s simple not unlike Donald.

An additional benefit is that its action fires up your transverse abdominal muscles improving your posture and often alleviating low back pain. The pelvic floor muscles are important in both women and men alike and both can be affected by weakness.  Poor pelvic floor tone (the quality and quantity of contraction) can lead to incontinence, poor urge control and reduced fun in the bedroom department. Surely that’s enough to encourage even the most diehard couch potato to do something?

All you have to remember is 10 10 3.

If you didn’t understand how to fire up your pelvic floor muscles think of Donald Trump with his finger poised over the nuclear button.

Happy clenching!

If you would like to know more please contact the clinic to speak to one of our chiropractors who will be able to advise.

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