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What is Normal?

“Well, it ’s normal isn’t it?”  “Er … yes … and no”, comes the reply.  Only ‘normal’ can be ‘normal’ but, fortunately for us, ‘normal’ in the body is variable, and is different for each of us, albeit often only slightly.

‘Normal’ comes in many guises: it is often dependent on our environment and how we interact with it.

Since man first stumbled out of his cave onto the African Savannah we have had to deal with the vagaries of the weather and the intermittent availability of food and water.

The human body does its best to maintain ‘normal’.  This process is known in medical circles as homeostasis. When the umpteenth antelope has cleared off into the middle distance and your belly is rumbling, the body is still doing everything it can to maintain correct levels of oxygen, sugars and other chemicals in the blood.

Try holding your breath:  if you try to withhold oxygen, it won’t be very long before your body makes you breathe.  See if you can pass out.  I bet you can’t – your body won’t  let it happen!

The body does the same when it’s trying to process the incoming torrent of chemicals from your ingestion of big Mac, fries and shake.  As your lipid levels skyrocket and your pancreas goes into meltdown, spare a thought for all those background processes that your body performs faultlessly day in and day out.  That is, until something goes wrong.

Most of the time, the mode of onset is poorly understood and so it is with musculoskeletal pain.

Whilst we would love to have a direct cause and effect situation, the reality is rarely so.  We are a complex combination of everything that’s happened to us throughout our lives – good, bad and indifferent.  Most problems have a chronic component, a fatigue point if you like, where a problem builds until the body complains or fails.

So why not see a chiropractor and help your body get back to ‘normal’ or at the very least slow down its drift away from the norm?

The clinic offers a 20-minute complimentary chiropractic discussion and assessment to see whether chiropractic treatment can help. Please contact clinic reception for further details.


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