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Predicting Health, and Other Stuff

As I lie here in bed writing this article it’s a cold frosty February morning. The BBC forecast of a dusting of snow hasn’t materialised and it promises to be dry and bright. The sun is up and the sky a vibrant blue. Snow drops have got their heads up and the first crocuses have appeared and soon the daffodils will be in full flourish with the buds of spring bursting into life.

But wait a moment, for we all know that April is the cruellest of months breeding lilacs out of the dead land. Who can tell what will happen when having braved January, February and March, April hoves into view.

Predicting the weather isn’t an exact science and so it is with our bodies. Predicting what is going to happen to us health-wise even in the short-term is almost impossible. Genetics has massively improved the accuracy of the list of possible/ probable but is still handcuffed by all the epigenetic (things that turn genes on and off) factors.

Cardiovascular disease is well studied and understood. It accounts for a third of all mortalities and is the biggest killer worldwide. Eighty percent (yes 80%) of these deaths are due to factors such as obesity, poor physical activity, heavy drinking, smoking, unhealthy diet and pollution.

Numerous other factors contribute with the possible/ probable outcome being a mixture of nature (genetics) versus nurture (epigenetics).

So with health, unlike the weather, we very often have a marked level of control. More often than not it’s possible to do things that benefit us. Often these changes can be done in little steps. Start with a small walk in the lunch hour; do some deep breathing; get to bed an hour earlier; not watch a screen before you to go bed; an extra glass of water.  Simple but cumulatively promoting health rather than disease.

Chiropractic is all about helping the body, promoting health and preventing where possible musculoskeletal problems that could manifest themselves in the short, medium and long-term. Helping resolve the effects of lugging small children, shopping, digging, being stuck behind a desk or in a car. Take some time next time you see your chiropractor ask them what you can do in your situation to improve your health and I predict that you will come away with some good tips.

By the way the snow flurries did come.

Guildford Chiropractic Centre, has been caring for generations of families over 65 years. Our clinic offers a complimentary 15-minute informal chat with one of our expert chiropractors to answer your questions or to see if we can help you improve your health. Contact clinic reception for further details.


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