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MEET THE TEAM: LOUISE HARMAN, MA. (Hons). Sports Coaching. BTEC Lvl. 5. Dip. Soft Tissue Therapist. Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy.

Following a career in education as a Director of Sixth Form, Assistant Vice Principal and PE teacher Louise made the big decision of taking a leap into a new career pathway, embarking on a new career as a Soft Tissue Therapist in 2023.

Louise is a highly qualified level 5 Clinical Sports Massage & Soft Tissue Therapist with a Masters Degree in Sports Coaching.

As well as being an excellent hands on practitioner, Louise brings with her a wealth of skills from her background in Teaching, Sports Coaching and Gymnastics.

Louise says:

"As a sportsperson myself, I acknowledge the importance of maintaining our bodies in the most effective way. We need and want our bodies to cope with the demands that we place on them. Soft Tissue Therapy plays a very important role in this, not just when discomfort or injury occurs but to aid us to lessen the chances of becoming injured or in pain.

I choose to embark on a career in Soft Therapy as in some ways it is similar to working in education. I am still able to help and support people to ensure they have a happy and healthy life, both physically and mentally. So far my journey has been a great experience, learning more about the human body and how to aid people when things go wrong!

When I saw the opportunity at the Guildford Chiropractic Clinic I knew it was somewhere where I could thrive at the start of my new career. Having the opportunity to work with a professional, knowledgeable and dynamic team is everything I wanted at the start of my new journey. It is such a lovely working environment from the beautiful building, the amazing views to the great people that work and visit there every day.

Having had vast number of years’ experience in education and coaching I have a good level of understanding of different people and how each person is individual and unique. I am able to tailor my communication and work to ensure people of all ages and needs are made to feel comfortable and supported. My career to date also links into my understanding of the importance of rehabilitation and exercise to ensure a healthy body and a healthy mind. Not only for recovery but for prevention and an enhanced lifestyle.

If I was to advise anyone wanting to improve their health and well-being I would say that the most important things to think about are what they are eating and ensuring that they are physically active as much as they possibly can be. Diet and exercise decreases the risk of health problems and leads to a happier and healthier individual, both physically and mentally.

I thrive in helping a range of people, from all ages and backgrounds. Being able to support

individuals to improve their lifestyle to recover from an injury or illness are huge motivators. I have a range of skills and understanding to help people make the necessary changes to improve their way of life to structured treatment plans."

Louise will be running her clinics on a Tuesday PM, Friday PM & Saturday Morning providing the following services: Sports Massage, Clinical Massage and Deep Tissue Massage.


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