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The Chiropractic Spinal Adjustment

Those who’ve never seen a chiropractor, will have never experienced a chiropractic spinal adjustment.

There are a lot of misconceptions about what an adjustment is. Although not the only technique up a chiropractor’s sleeve, the adjustment is most certainly the most major tool a chiropractor uses.

So what exactly is an adjustment?

Adjustments are specifically applied manoeuvres aimed at restoring joint mobility where mobility is lost and subsequently resetting the nervous system. A lot of the time an audible ‘pop’ is heard.

We are frequently asked what this popping noise actually is, and whether the practice of this technique is effective and safe. Let’s talk about it:

The majority of the joints in your body are designed to move and to be kept mobile.

Different joints move in different ways, and with differing degrees of movement.

Some, like the knee joint, will move in a few directions and some, such as the shoulder joint, can move in many directions.

A lot of the aches and pains we see on a daily basis are associated with a loss of joint mobility.

Whether it be neck, back or foot pain, it is important to assess the joint in question first and then adjust the joint if it needs in the direction it needs to move.

The joints a chiropractor can adjust, called synovial joints, contain liquid and gas. During an adjustment, a gentle separation occurs within the joint, which results in a change of pressure. The displacement of gas around the fluid causes a pop to he heard. There is massive stimulation to local nerve receptors within the joint.

When you open a bottle of fizzy drink, you often hear a noise as you open the bottle. This is very similar to what happens during an adjustment. That’s what the noise is!

It’s very subtle, there is nothing crude about an adjustment performed by a chiropractor. It is a very specific manoeuvre using the minimum amount of pressure and force.

Chiropractors undergo intensive training to perform manipulative therapy. They do not learn this specific, delicate technique on weekend courses; but in detail in their five year chiropractic degree programme.  As such, one can be assured that chiropractors are experts in this art. Performed by a qualified chiropractor, this technique should not be painful and is perfectly safe.

And yes, it can be incredibly effective for joint, muscular and nerve pain!

It’s very subtle, there is nothing crude about an adjustment performed by a chiropractor. It is a very specific manoeuvre using the minimum amount of pressure and force.

Finally, it must be noted that adjustments are not suitable for every patient.

Some of our older patients, for example, may not be candidates for this sort of treatment. So other techniques will be used to help them to get better and bring them to better health.

So, not only do chiropractors know when and how to perform joint manipulation, but they also understand when not to use it. This again reinforces the safety aspect of receiving this type of treatment from a qualified chiropractor.

When was the last time someone looked at how your skeleton was moving?

We are currently offering free 10 minute consultations to discuss whether chiropractic could help to solve your problem, and if we consider that chiropractic is inappropriate, we would suggest an alternative.

To book an appointment, please speak to one our receptionists who will be happy to advise.


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