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Summer Holidays are Here!

Chiropractor’s tips for travelling

Summer holidays are finally here! Holidays are supposed to be a time to relax, soak up some vitamin D and be good to ourselves. 

You would think that a break from the usual routine would leave you feeling better than ever, however whether you like to rest and relax or get active on your holiday, many of us find that the change in routine is not always welcomed by our bodies. 

Changes in beds/mattresses/pillows, long haul flights, jet lag, flip flops, reduced movement or change of activities all adds up to a rather un-welcome challenge for our frames to adapt to.   It’s no wonder at Guildford Chiropractic Centre we commonly see patients booking straight in after their summer holidays, not feeling quite as replenished as they were hoping…..

If you are travelling further afield this summer, these tips are for you.

1. Luggage: Before you consider ensuring you get your monies worth of baggage allowance, think again. A typical 25kg piece of luggage is a heavy piece of kit and when that moment comes where you have to heave it on to the travellator, your back and arms would really appreciate it if didn’t strain them too much. Tip 1: Take only what you need, watch your posture when lifting, squat if possible or get someone younger and stronger to help you out.

2. Plane Seats:  You’re on the plane, regretting the fact you booked economy, and you’re stuck in the middle seat of the aisle. Tip 2: Get up every 30-40 minutes to off load your spine. Walk up and down the plane to mobilise your joints and get some blood pumping through those legs. If the guy at the end of your seat aisle complains – let him.

3. Sun loungers: You’ve been looking forward to getting your annual dose of vitamin D since January. If you are one of those who loves to lounge around on a sun lounger, please beware that this is a common source of lower back pain. Sitting for long periods upright with your legs up at 90 degrees concentrates all your weight into your lower back. Whilst you’re getting into the latest Baldacci novel, your spinal discs and joints are being squashed and irritated. Tip 3: Sun lounge lying flat on your back or tummy; get up and move around at least every 30-40 minutes and keep the 90 degree sitting to a minimum!

4. Over indulgence and lack of activity: Sampling the local cuisine at a taverna is great, but with the average person putting on 7lbs during a fortnight holiday (that’s like a new born baby!) we should keep an eye what we guzzle down. Tip 4: Keep active during your holiday, do something active every day for at least an hour. Take a good multivitamin daily and don’t feel the need to have three courses with every meal.

5:  Footwear:   We know that your foot health and biomechanics affects the way the rest of the body functions. Be kind to all those little muscles in your feet and don’t give them too much of a shock whilst you’re away.   Tip 5: Look for sandals with a back strap rather than flip flops which cause havoc for those little muscles under your arches.  Whilst at the beach you may wish to go bare foot and give your feet a lovely stretch in the sand.

Where ever you are jetting off to this summer, we would like to wish you a wonderful holiday from everyone at Guildford Chiropractic Centre!


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