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A Chiropractic Poem

The story begins with a telephone call,

From the wife of a man who’s had a big fall.

A reluctant husband, hates people like me,

She’s insisted he come, what harm could it be?

Later that day through the door he crawled,

In absolute agony, on the floor he sprawled.

Screaming in pain, the other patients looked on;

Rather him not me, wouldn’t wish it upon.

Calming him down with a packet of ice,

Slow down the swelling, make it feel nice.

He sat in the chair, grumbled through it all

As I sat and listened about his big fall.

Turns out this was the tip of the iceberg,

It’s been two years he’s been out of work!

He was then examined and referred for an x-ray,

To look for damage and signs of spinal decay.

An extra bone he had on the base of his spine,

I drafted up a plan to help get him well,

Get back to work and get out of this hell.

Through unique hands on treatment, exercise and diet

We were able to make that back pain go quiet.

As time went by and what I saw him achieve,

He regained his hope and something to believe.

By two months he was moving and totally pain free,

Regained a sense of humour and very happy.

“I wish I’d seen you sooner, shouldn’t have left it this long, I can’t wait to go to work, now I’m this strong”

So yet another satisfied patient, all full of life.

Wasn’t all about him, don’t forget his dear wife.

A happier family, lives no longer out of whack.

“Thank you so much, for giving my husband back”.


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