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Celebrating 60 years of back care.


Guildford Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Guildford Chiropractic Centre offers chiropractic and physiotherapy treatments.

The Guildford Chiropractors and Physiotherapists are specialists in the management of:

Back pain

Neck Pain

Slipped discs (disc protrusions) or Sciatica

Temporomandibular joint pain (Jaw pain)

Shoulder issues, such as frozen shoulder or tendonitis

Headaches (originating from the neck or jaw)

Sports injuries such as ankle sprains or runners knee.

Founded by Donald and Elizabeth Bennett over 60 years ago, the practice, under the leadership of Alain Michelotti, continues the long tradition of caring for patients of all ages in a friendly atmosphere.

Being one of the UK’s longest-standing chiropractic clinics, it has seen thousands of patients from Guildford and the surrounding areas who have consulted the practice for professional advice and care; many of whom are recommended by family and friends.

The clinic is located in Burpham, Guildford; just a short drive outside the town centre.  The Guildford Chiropractors deliver a professional, specialised and patient centered approach; combining individually tailored management plans with the most effective, long-term treatments for back and neck pain in Guildford.

The premises benefits from ample onsite parking.

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    Tips for Sleeping (Sandy Boniface DC)

    Tips for Sleeping (Sandy Boniface DC)

    Researching tips for sleeping? Sandy Boniface DC (Chiropractor) discusses more in her two part series on getting a better nights sleep. A Good Nights Sleep (Part 2) Previously we have looked at mattresses in regard to lower back pain, but your choice of pillow, and the number of pillows you sleep with, can also affect

    • 09 AUG 17
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    A Better Nights Sleep (Sandy Boniface DC)

    A Better Nights Sleep (Sandy Boniface DC)

      A better nights sleep is something we all would like. Sandy Boniface, Chiropractor at Guildford Chiropractic Centre gives some professional advice on the matter. Part 1 Do you ever wake up in the morning with pain in your lower back that wasn’t there when you went to bed the previous night, and that resolves

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    Coccyx Pain Treatment (Alain Michelotti DC MCSP)

    Coccyx Pain Treatment (Alain Michelotti DC MCSP)

    Manual therapy can be exceptionally safe and effective as an option for coccyx pain treatment. Alain Michelotti, our Chiropractor and Physiotherapist, discusses more:   Coccyx pain: what a pain in the bum! A term we use to describe a painful condition caused by damage or irritation to the coccyx is coccydynia. The coccyx is a small bony structure,

    • 11 JUL 17
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    Summer Holidays are Here!

    Summer Holidays are Here!

     Summer Holidays are Here! Chiropractor’s tips for travelling (Philip J Hehir DC) Summer holidays are finally here!  Holidays are supposed to be a time to relax, soak up some vitamin D and be good to ourselves.  You would think that a break from the usual routine would leave you feeling better than ever, however whether

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