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As a clinic, we are fortunate to have the space to have our own exercise rehabilitation suite. Here our practitioners will give one to one specific exercise instruction to help improve mobility and strength, which often reduces the risk of injury recurrence.

Abdomen Exercise

Sports Injury
Exercise Rehabilitation

Coaching with specific exercises targeted to improve function and reduce pain to enable you to return back to exercise in the future.

Conditions exercise can help with:

  • Recurrent lower back or neck pain

  • Hip, knee or ankle injuries

  • Shoulder, arm or hand injuries

  • Hypermobility and associated pain

  • Improving performance in daily activity or sport

Outdoor Practice with a Stretch Band

Muscle / Joint

One to one instruction to help rehabilitate a condition that recurs (e.g. lower back pain) or is unresponsive to other treatments.

Fit Woman

Did you know we do Gift Vouchers?

Do you know someone that would love and benefit from one of our treatments? 

All of our treatments are available to book as a Gift Voucher.

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