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Pregnancy and back pain
Pregnancy and back pain quote

Common symptoms during pregnancy:

– Upper back and rib pain
– Shoulder tension
– Pelvic girdle pain
– Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD)
– Carpal tunnel syndrome
– Heartburn

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Is treatment safe during pregnancy?

Our Chiropractors, Physiotherapist and Massage Therapists are qualified and able to safely treat women throughout all stages of pregnancy.

Non-invasive and holistic therapies may be preferred during pregnancy due to their proven safety for mother and baby.

A variety of gentle treatment techniques can be used during each trimester which have been proven to be safe and effective.

Pre and Post Natal Chiropractic

Many women benefit from Chiropractic and hands on non-invasive treatment pre and post-natally and to support them as their body adapts to the changes.

The prevalence of lower back, pelvic girdle and mid back pain increases dramatically during the second and third trimester. This is due to the overall equilibrium of the spine altering as pregnancy progresses.

All of our Chiropractors are qualified to treat during all stages of pregnancy and the post natal period and we regularly help women with their symptoms throughout their pregnancies.

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Pregnancy Massage

Both of our highly qualified Clinical Massage Therapists hold further qualifications specifically in pregnancy massage and are able to provide expert treatment during pregnancy, targeting muscle balance and tension as well as promoting relaxation.

Our ladies love being treated on our special pregnancy bolster cushion which allows you to lay safely on your front during all stages of pregnancy allowing for un-compromised treatment.

From the very start, your body changes to accommodate new life and you have to mentally prepare for your new arrival. Massage treatments offer many fantastic benefits and even more so during and after pregnancy.

There are some extra precautions we consider for treatment during pregnancy which will be discussed at the time of treatment. We may ask for a referral letter from your GP or midwife if we have any concerns before treatment.

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