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Shoulder Massage

Clinical Sports & Remedial Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

Sports Massage is not just for sports people. 

Whatever your age, activity level, health condition or occupation, regular targeted massage by a clinically qualified therapist can be hugely beneficial.

Physical Benefits

  • Decreases muscle tension and stiffness

  • Promotes faster healing of muscles, tendons and ligaments

  • Provides greater joint flexibility

  • Reduces pain, lessens formation of excessive scar tissue

  • Improves circulation of the blood and movement of lymph fluid

  • Rectifies posture allowing for better weight distribution on your joints

  • Alleviates the physical symptoms of stress

Hot Stones Fusion Massage

Hot Stone Fusion is a deeply relaxing massage treatment that will leave you with a sense of well being like no other. Using a combination of  massage skills from the holistic and clinical, this treatment can be tailored to your symptoms. The heat from the stones warms up the muscles very quickly and allows for a deep treatment and so is as relevant and therapeutic for sports injuries as it is relaxing.

Physical Benefits

  • Pain relief

  • Decreases muscle tension and stiffness

  • Alleviates the physical symptoms of stress

Hot Stone Massage
Pregnant woman - 3872x2592.jpg

Pregnancy Massage

From the very start, your body changes to accommodate new life and you have to mentally prepare for your new arrival. Massage treatments offer many fantastic benefits and even more so during and after pregnancy. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider booking:

Physical Benefits

  • Pain relief

  • Helps with general or more specific aches and pains (Back, legs and all over maybe?)

  • Works with or around your heartburn, morning sickness and nausea

  • Assists with fluid retention

  • Can reduce carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Relieves muscle strain caused by childbirth and promote recovery from a caesarean birth

Unsure if this is the right treatment for you? Call us on 01483 562 830 

What happens during your treatment

Your treatment will begin with a biomechanical and postural assessment.

It is recommended you wear loose clothing and bring a pair of shorts you can move in.

Clients are covered at all times during treatment and will only be asked to take off items of clothing if they are comfortable to do so.

Treatment may include: light or deep tissue massage techniques; mobilisation and stretching; soft tissue release; hot stones and massage using massage tools, Myofascial cupping, muscle energy techniques; kinesiology taping and remedial exercise.

Treatment will be tailored to your need.

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